The Principles

Security First

Good security starts with thoughtful design. The security of the system should be of utmost importance. Exocore should prioritize safety over everything at both the protocol and governance levels. Protect the network.

Protocol Agnostic

In unity, there's strength. By being omnichain and protocol agnostic, Exocore should extend an olive branch to all blockchain networks and ecosystems, embrace diversity in technology, and foster seamless cooperation and interoperability.

Trust Minimized

Decentralized trust does not always have to be trustless; but it should at least be trust minimized. No third-party trust assumptions should be introduced beyond the Exocore protocol and basic cryptographic primitives, such as Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP).

Democratically Governed

Exocore should be bootstrapped and shaped by its community. Through democratic, consensus-based governance mechanisms, every participant should have a voice in the future of Exocore, ensuring adaptability and fair representation.

Permissionlessly Open

Exocore should affirm an open-access ethos by allowing anyone, anywhere, to access, use, and build upon it without gatekeepers. This should foster permissionless innovation, inclusivity, and equitability.

Reasonably Decentralized

Decentralization is a progressive spectrum. Exocore should be architecturally designed to be reasonably decentralized from inception. Decentralization should be an essential principle for building an open market for decentralized trust.

Modularly Pluggable

Flexibility is the foundation of resilience; hence Exocore should be designed with an ever-modern, modular architecture. This should ensure constant evolution, adaptability, and an enduring relevance in the face of rapid technological change.

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