The code for the Exocore network has been open-sourced and is available at Exocore GitHub Repository.

Exocore is designed to support the restaking of tokens from all supported chains to various AVS'. To achieve this, the fundamental architecture framework and the main business logic of the core modules has been developed and implemented. A cluster of nodes has been deployed to serve as Exocore network validators and integrated with Ethereum Sepolia testnet as the first client chain.

As the primary accounting system for restaking, the most complex logic is maintained within the Exocore network. This approach is designed to enable rapid expansion to new client chains while minimizing the risks associated with smart contract code during the integration process with new chains.

Exocore Testnet will be released in three different phases:

Phase 1 - Restakers

  • Exocore network running on private nodes

  • Client-chain smart contracts deployed

  • Restaking Dapp with LST support and the following modules:

    • Deposit

    • Withdrawal

    • Delegate

    • Undelegate

  • Explorer live

Phase 2 - Operators

  • Exocore network running with external operators

  • Restaking Dapp with native ETH support

  • AVS integration features added

Phase 3 - AVSs

  • AVS onboarding with slashing conditions

To facilitate connections between the client chain and AVSs, and to accurately record corresponding statuses, such as asset and operator information, the following modules have been developed and released in Exocore Testnet phase 1:

  1. Deposit

  2. Withdrawal

  3. Delegation

  4. Undelegation

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