Is Exocore an AVS?

Yes! Due to the omnichain architectural design, there is a need to have an accounting system that manages state of the entire system. Because each individual L1 chain will not have a holistic view of the system, Exocore is used to perform tasks such as accounting, reward distribution, calculation of total assets restaked across all AVS’, and other ancillary activities. In this sense, Exocore itself is a genesis AVS.

Exocore requires a shared ledger to maintain its activities, so its state must be persistent and decentralized. Simply put, one can consider Exocore as a smart contract-enabled delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS) blockchain. Additionally, a technique was invented where Exocore’s security is bootstrapped by its own architecture through pooled security from various supported L1 chains in the ecosystem. By dogfooding Exocore’s own design as a genesis AVS, the developers of Exocore can experience what the target users experience, and can be more proactive in making changes based on self usage.

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