AVS Integration with Exocore

There are two primary approaches for AVSs to integrate with the Exocore system: smart contract based integration and module-based integration.

Integration through smart contracts is fully permissionless. Any AVS developer can integrate with Exocore by sending transactions to define their operator election, slashing, and reward logic. However, the downside of smart contract integration is that all future interactions between AVS and Exocore must go through the smart contract.

Alternatively, AVSs can opt for module-based integration where they create a custom module to be integrated into the Exocore protocol binary. This method requires the open governance of the Exocore community, who will make a decision on whether to integrate an AVS based on its resource utilization, security, and other risk factors. Once approved, the AVS develops its module, undergoes testing in testnet, and then is incorporated into Exocore via a network upgrade.

A client-side module will be provided to AVS builders for easy integration into their software. This client-side module serves the following purposes:

  1. Acts as a gateway bridge that reads state updates from Exocore’s accounting system, such as the election of operators and updates to their voting power.

  2. AssiststheAVSnetworkinformingtheAVScommitteebyreadingandassigningvotingpowertoeachoftheAVS operators and establishing the physical network connection between them.

  3. Facilitates the AVS committee’s attestation of task completion, the signing of the aggregate signature on reward or slash claims, and the submission of these claims to the Exocore network.

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