Multi-Token Restaking

As a omnichain restaking platform, Exocore facilitates the pooling and staking of various token types onto a single AVS. For every token-bearing blockchain integrated with Exocore, multiple token types can be staked, including native proto- col tokens (e.g., ETH, BNB, AVA), liquid staking tokens or LSTs (e.g., stETH, rETH), Defi LP tokens (e.g., USDC/ETH LP, USDC/UNI LP, USDT/USDC LP), and native AVS tokens.

AVSs can configure the types of tokens they accept for restaking in their protocol. For example, a bridge network might opt to accept only the native tokens of the blockchains they connect to, like ETH and BNB. Operators participating in this AVS will have only their restaked ETH and BNB taken into account for election and voting power calculation. In this context, operators might opt for an AVS that accepts the majority of tokens they possess to optimize their voting power and, consequently, their capital utilization.

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