Client Chain Contracts

Client chain contracts are smart contracts deployed on token-hosting blockchains, including L1 and L2 networks. These smart contracts are exclusively controlled by a TSS account, collectively owned by Exocore validators. These contracts serve as gateways for restakers to interact with the Exocore system and act as secure vaults holding staked tokens.

The smart contracts on each client chain are designed such that staked tokens cannot be transferred to addresses not designated by the original restakers. This ensures a high level of security similar to that in native protocol staking since it prevents potential rug pulls, which are common in DeFi projects or bridges where tokens can be transferred to anyone, including to attackers.

There are two primary contracts present on the client chains:

  1. Vault Contract: This is where restakers deposit their tokens. The contract manages deposits and withdrawals for restakers. Most of its state change are strictly under control of the Controller contract.

  2. Controller Contract: This contract controls the Vault and operates exclusively under the directives of the Exocore network. This contract is also the cross-chain portal that facilitates the communication between the client chain and the Exocore network.

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