Exocore Network

The Exocore protocol is built upon three primary components: the Exocore network, one-way state pegs (trustless ZK bridge), and the client chain contracts. The Exocore network serves as the main control plane and accounting system, facilitating the restaking of tokens onto AVSs by coordinating interactions between restakers, operators, and AVSs. The client chain contracts serve as endpoints deployed on each client chain, where restakers execute restaking-related actions such as deposits, delegations, and withdrawals. A one-way state peg relays restaking actions from the client chain to Exocore, which in turn responds with control actions or confirmation messages. Additionally, the Exocore network handles the registration and management of operators and AVSs, as well as the logic for AVS integration.

The Exocore network serves as the primary control plane and accounting system, orchestrating actions among restakers, operators, and AVSs, while maintaining records of all pertinent data. The Exocore network communicates with token-hosting client chains via trustless one-way state pegs. The majority of the intricate logic within the Exocore restaking platform resides within the Exocore network itself. With this design, Exocore is able to easily integrate with new chains while minimizing the code-related risks associated with new chain integration.

The Exocore network is built using a fast and secure EVM-compatible blockchain constructed using a modular design and Tendermint BFT consensus. Exocore’s modular design also makes it possible for AVSs to integrate with Exocore via native modules. The instant finality offered by the Exocore network ensures that both cross-chain communication and the interaction between AVS and Exocore remain unaffected by chain forks or block rollbacks.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the most widely adopted run-time environment and application interface in blockchain development. Exocore utilizes EVM as its primary virtual machine to cater to a variety of on-chain programming requirements, including bridging, permissionless AVS integration, and the development of potential value- added DeFi applications atop Exocore’s restaking tokens.

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