Exocore Modules

The Exocore network comprises multiple modules that collaboratively execute the core restaking logic of the Exocore restaking platform.

  1. Deposit and Withdrawal: This module handles the processes of depositing and withdrawing the staked tokens. Once restakers have successfully deposited their tokens into the client chain contract, a message is relayed to the Exocore network’s deposit module. This module verifies the message’s authenticity and logs the deposited tokens under the restaker’s address and the originating chain. For withdrawals, restakers initiate the request either on the client chain or within the Exocore network. The withdrawal module subsequently validates the request. If the tokens meet all requirements (i.e., not slashed or actively staked), the module tags them as withdrawn and dispatches a cross-chain message to the client chain, making the tokens unlocked and available to transfer out.

  2. Operator and AVS: The operator and AVS modules handle the registration of new operators and AVSs, re- spectively, while maintaining records of all operators and AVSs for other modules to reference and modify. The operator module manages operator updates, such as key changes and opt-in/opt-out decisions. Meanwhile, the AVS module facilitates communication between the AVS and Exocore, including AVS committee synchronization.

  3. Delegation: The Delegation module maps delegated tokens to their respective delegatee operators. Restakers can send delegation requests either from the client chain or directly within the Exocore network. The Delegation module validates these requests and records the delegation details. It also supplies the necessary data for the calculation of operators’ voting power.

  4. Reward: This module governs the reward distribution mechanism for operators and delegators. The initial gen- eration of rewards and their allocation amongst operators are determined by AVS developers, while secondary distribution from operators to delegators is defined by the operators themselves. Exocore will provide templates for the distribution logic, such as pro-rata distribution based on voting power, for AVS and operators to quickly launch in Exocore.

  5. Slashing:The slashing module manages the registration of slashing rules and handles the verification of slashing events for AVS networks. Typically, any individual can report a slashing event by submitting cryptographically verifiable proof that a staked operator has acted maliciously toward an AVS. The module’s duties include receiving and authenticating the proof of slashing, executing the actual token slashing, and freezing the account of the malicious operator, among other responsibilities.

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