Exocore Price Oracle

In Exocore, a native price oracle provides the real-world dollar value of each integrated token for the calculation of voting power. All the validators in the Exocore network will collaboratively establish consensus on a canonical price of an integrated token. This agreed-upon price will then be utilized in the future voting power calculation for operators.

For a specific token, the Exocore price oracle will provide a canonical price value periodically (e.g., every 5 minutes). When calculating an operator’s voting power, an AVS can first determine the average dollar price of the tokens over the last epoch (e.g., the past 2 hours) and then use the averaged price for token weighting. Alternatively, instead of relying on a basic average, a more advanced weighting mechanism can be implemented, where recent price samples are given more weight than older ones.

With the price-based voting power calculation scheme, the influence of token price volatility on the stability of the AVS’s crypto-economic security is greatly reduced. This is because tokens with a lower value will contribute less voting power than other tokens. In addition, the token price averaging scheme helps prevent one-time price manipulation attacks on the oracle.

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