Operators run nodes for the decentralized networks of AVSs they opt in. They offer their computing resources to sup- port the decentralized software provided by the AVS. Tokens, both self-owned and delegated, are staked on operators to ensure the economic security of the AVS network. In exchange for operating the AVS network and generating yield for stakers, operators receive a commission from the yield they produce. At the same time, operators are obligated to adhere to the AVS protocol rules, which involve running the standard AVS software and ensuring optimal node perfor- mance. Operators who breach the AVS protocol, either through malicious actions or by failing to meet performance standards, may face penalties or slashing.

To participate in the Exocore system, operators must first register by sending a transaction to the Exocore network. Once registered, they can choose one or several AVSs to opt in. For each AVS they successfully opt in, operators must run the corresponding AVS client software in preparation of being selected as an active operator, which is obligated to perform tasks for the AVS network.

Operators have the option to leave certain AVSs if they no longer wish to perform tasks for those systems. After indicating their intention to leave an AVS network by sending an opt-out transaction, the operator must still manage their AVS software until a predetermined time, typically the end of an epoch defined by the AVS. After this, they become inactive for that particular AVS. All staked tokens for that AVS then enter the unbonding period, at the end of which the tokens can be withdrawn.

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