Restakers are token owners on external client chains, who wish to engage with the Exocore network. They pledge their tokens for restaking and earn yields. Restakers interact with the client chain contracts on their native chains, allowing them to use their existing accounts to initiate Exocore system actions such as depositing and delegation. While restakers aren’t required to directly interact with the Exocore network for actions like delegation, they have the option to do so if they want to avoid the costs of cross-chain messages.

The typical flow of restaker actions involves three main steps, illustrated in Figure 2:

  1. Request – Restakers send requests to client chain contracts for actions like depositing, delegating, and with-


  2. Relay – A cross-chain message is relayed from the client chain to Exocore network. Exocore network then verifies this message and executes the corresponding updates in the Exocore accounting system.

  3. Respond- A response message is dispatched back to the client chain to confirm the action, prompting the client chain to carry out follow-up procedures such as locking the tokens.

For example, when a deposit request is initiated on the client chain, the tokens will be held in pending state waiting for confirmation. After receiving the cross-chain message, the Exocore accounting system will mark the tokens as deposited and ready for delegation. Afterwards, the client chain smart contracts will lock the deposited tokens upon receiving the confirmation message from Exocore.

In Exocore, restakers can perform the following actions:

1. Deposit: Restakers deposit their tokens into the Exocore system for restaking. Successfully deposited tokens are locked and made available for delegation.

2. Delegation: Restakers delegate their deposited tokens to certain registered operators. Delegated tokens are staked to the AVS that the operators have opted in and are subject to slashing if the operator violates the AVS’s slashing rules. Delegated tokens cannot be withdrawn.

3. Undelegation: Restakers undelegate their restaked tokens from operators. Undelegated tokens remain locked during an unbonding period specified by the AVS. After this unbonding period, the undelegated tokens become available for withdrawal.

4. Withdrawal: The procedure to check the eligibility of token withdrawal (i.e. not slashed or actively staked) is executed on the Exocore network. If a tokens qualifies for withdrawal, the Exocore system will label the token as withdrawn and dispatch a cross-chain message to the client chain, prompting it to unlock the native tokens. Once unlocked, these tokens can only be transferred to the address specified by the original restaker for best security.

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