What are the main benefits of an omnichain design?

  1. Many decentralized services such as bridges, oracles, RPC networks, etc are by nature omnichain. Using an omnichain restaking infrastructure that pools crypto-economic security and validation services from multiple chains lends naturally to the needs of such services.

  2. Exocore's omnichain design has a lighter integration with each individual chain and causes much lower risk to the social consensus of the underlying chain. Exocore’s omnichain approach to restaking is more chain-friendly and risk-diversified. An omnichain design approach allows for future proofing by adding new chains that may capture significant marketshare.

  3. An omnichain design also allows for actual pooled security, where the decentralized security of any supported chain can contribute to the pool, which aggregates and compounds, creating a network effect. Meanwhile, single-chain restaking system will have a cap on the potential restaked asset, which is only as big as the total staking of that specific chain. For small chains, this cap will severely limit the viability of restaking in that chain.

  4. Most of the complexity in Exocore is within the protocol itself and has minimal logic in client chain. This makes it much easier for Exocore to integrate with new chains, and capture new markets at a much faster pace.

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